More new art from Black Butler: Book of Circus (黒執事 Book of Circus) in Animedia Magazine (08/2014). This illustration by key animator Tomoko Sudo (須藤智子) was included on a fold-out poster.

KYOKO-CHAN IS TOO AWESOMEEEE!!! ONE OF MY FAV GIRLS EVER! So cool how she just protected Miyamura-kun like that~~~

Persona 4 - CM Picture Episode 2 and 3

So in addition to Uchida Maaya and Yuki Kaji, Hirakawa Daisuke is also in Ao Haru Ride~

Uhhh either this is a random chuunibyou girl, or its a parody of Rikka from Chuunibyou or Misaki from Another….


Is this Yowapedal

Cause based on what I’ve seen in store advertisements, this is Yowapedal

THE NORAGAMI OVA 2 WAS TOO ADORABLE I LOVE SEEING EVERYONE BE HAPPY TOGETHER! AND HIYORI WAS JEALOUS OF YATO!!!!! kyaaaaa~ and i love how kofuku was just laughing at everyone

MIKOSHIBA MOMOTAROU! I’m a first-year in the Samezuka Swim Team! My speciality is the backstroke! 


it looks like Haru is taking a selfie here like

"I dropped the cake on the police officer do you think I’ll get arrested lol"